MultiKey (edit shape keys faster, in groups, and easily add keyframes)
MultiKey allows the objects in a chosen collection to have shape keys edited concurrently.

For example, this means you could have an eyebrow object, eyelid object, and face object, each with a “raised eyebrow” key. You could change the values of all these “raised eyebrow” keys all at once. You can do this with up to six separate keys, which can be enabled/disabled with checkboxes.

MultiKey also makes keyframing shape keys much easier! Just click “Add Keyframes” and all enabled shape keys will be added to the timeline.

Other features:

  • Set all keys to 0 (i.e., “raised eyebrow” on objects A and B both are set to 0)
  • Set all keys to 1
  • Set all keys to a value
  • Clear key names
  • Get current frame

You can find more information and get it at:

You can download it for free from GitHub. I would ask that you would choose to purchase, as I’m a poor college student and every dollar goes to rent, but the option is there :slight_smile: