Multilayer EXR changing layers randomly in compositor

Hello all! I have a question about using Open EXR files in the compositor. I have an animation which I rendered out to individual frames as a multilayer Open EXR. But when I add the image input node in the compositor with the image sequence loaded, I choose a layer, and as I scroll through the timeline, the layer will change randomly. Even if I duplicate the node enough times to have one for each layer, they will ALL change randomly. Is there anything I can do to stop this?! Thank you for any advice that can be offered!

Well, nothing in computers “changes randomly.” Computers are deterministic: there is always a deterministic cause somewhere. (The trick is to find it.)

Maybe you can post a blend-file?

I’m not normally one to not respond to my own posts, but I’ve been out of commission for the last week and haven’t gotten to anything. Anyway, I solved the issue. I had originally animated the active states of all of my render layers. I re-rendered all of the layers in the animation all the way through, and when I loaded the new image sequence into the compositor nodes, the issue was gone. Thank you for your response.