Multilayer EXR render passes/layers confusion

Hi blenderartists

I’m rendering a multilayer open EXR with four render layers, with each renderlayer having renderpasses enabled. The file output has one EXR per frame. Will all the renderlayers and passes be saved in the file?

(Never used this format and could not find an answer on the web)


Yes they will all be there

Thank you very much.

Now I know the last few hours of rendering weren’t wasted. (I should have checked first)

Use a “file input” node that points to the OpenEXR file, and you can readily see how the information is stored and named within the file. There will be one file per frame, and all of the various streams of digital information will be together in that single … large … file.

Nope. Many Render Layers to single multi-exr file write node? No-no.
Not rendering on Blender 2.79b

What else am I missing?