MultiPlatform Runtime

Ok, well sorry for making a new topic about this but i needed to post it somewhere :slight_smile:

right anyway, i need Mac & Linux users to download the following file for your operating system and tell me if they run or not:



Im not to sure if these will work but fingers crossed…

If they dont work them arg… discuss here your ideas on how this could be achieved.

cool, when I get to work tomarrow, I will try it…

in the mean time, you can test linux software from a windows ssytem without rebooting… this is great for testing out stuff on other platforms…

looks like they even have the Ubuntu Edgy realease all ready to go there :slight_smile:

not sure how well open GL applications work with it tho.

have a good one.

I use mac, and the Test did not open for me.

Are you sure the Mac version includes the actual blend file data? (I peeked in the zip and could not find any. Maybe I overlooked it though)
(I’m referencing with the way blender puts a game.blend in the distribution.)

Ahh ok, well there was an error when compiling but they still compiled so i though it would work, lemme see if i can get it to work.

@p00f: so i could create a linux runtime without actually having linux?

I am not sure about OpenGL and vmware.

I have only done it the other way around from linux, to run windows.
They have Dirext X9 working to some degree.

The biggest hurdle you have to get over is to get hardware excelleration working.
That is no easy task.
Every linux distro is diffrent,
And every linux distro has some way to over complicate things with Hardware excelleration.
My Favorite is Ubuntu… ATI finaly fixed the dirvers into a nice installer that you could just click on to start installing…
Ubuntu even had a special little radio button you could Tick, so it would install flawlessly on Ubuntu.
That lasted one week, and Ubuntu changed so you could not do that anymore…
and now The ATI driver still has the Ubuntu radio button, but it will actualy break ubuntu and make it unbootable with a graphic interface (AKA, X-server).

All I can figure is that they want you be begging for install instructions on their forums an on the IRC channel, so people feel obligated to Donate to them.

they have some Easy installer script now… but I have no patience with Ubuntu.
I use KANOTIX for easy Hardware acceleration install… but even KANOTIX over complicates some things so I really dont recommend it to a newbie.

Blender will run under software excelleration as well, you will have to install some MESA drivers for that to happen. but if you are just doing a quick runtime thing you probably wont need too much Graphic power.

goto the blender download page and look for the “Static” version for software exceleration support.

hope that helps…
I would really like to start doing Linux and BSD and MAC verions of my stuff in the future.
Sound is my biggest hurdle… I dont want my end users hunting down Pygame dependancys… and I REALLY DONT WANT TO ship python with my game (I hate GPL licence,)

Sorry, i went off o one again…

so i could create a linux runtime without actually having linux?

nope, VMware is a virtualization package…

what that means is that it make a Virtual computer, with its own Operating system. the computer runs under your windows “Host” system.

It shares your RAM, and some other resources…

It is cool as hell, If you are anyway a techno person (AKA geek),
You will love it… it even has its own little Bios and you can set it up with NAT network interface.
NAT will make so that your Host system is not effected by anything that the virtual computer does online. (JUST DONT SETUP NETWORKING WITH SAMBA TO YOUR HOST SYSTEM!! or it can be infected too)

anyways… it is bsicaly for teaching, and testing… and for geeks like me it is one of my favorite little toys :slight_smile:

Lol… well i dont know half of wtf your talking about :D, i wouldnt call myself a geek, but i do love techno music :smiley: