Multiplayer FPS

(mokazon) #1

Hello everyone!

I haven’t been active on blenderartists in ages, but I thought I’d share this little demo I made over the last few days in the BGE.

Everything in this demo was created from scratch, other than the gun model, character model, and sound effects.

The networking was done with simple python UDP sockets. It works pretty well, but there are many upgrades that could be done. First of all, the packets themselves are not very optimized–they could be updated to contain as few bits as possible, but for now I’m simply using UTF-8 encoded text commands. Also, I have no reliable data transfer protocol implemented on top of the UDP at the moment. As such, for most packets it’s fine if they drop because they’re simply tiny position updates that are sent multiple times per second. However, if an important packet drops, such as a join request, it will not recover.

The game itself could also be improved. Besides the fairly simply graphics, there are no mechanics currently for crouching, sprinting, jumping, reloading, switching guns, etc.

With all that said, here is a video demo:

If there is enough people that want it, I might clean up the files a little bit and upload for all to use.

  • Mokazon

(Fred/K.S) #2

looks neat
reminds me of COD ive never played cod on pc before thou!!!


(Mikequeen123) #3

It looks fun. Very Promising!

(Nicholas_A) #4

great looking graphics! but do improve the running gun animation.