Multiple Active camera setups for streaming making ofs

Quick addition: this was originally posted on lighting and rendering but after 3 weeks of waiting on a reply I’ve had nothing so thought maybe there could be someone here that might know what I can do to make this setup work.

Hello all I’ve been trying to find a solution get multiple cameras to work in separate view ports whilst they rotate around a centre point, Im doing this to make my streams a little more interesting. Im trying to get each view port to track about my object but cannot make blender windows focus exclusively on separate cameras, only on one active one. Is there a solution Im missing?.

After I set-up the turning cameras Id just go into each window and set it to only render and then set-up the recordings in OBS to snap close together, afterwards I can even take each small screen and re-edit it all in some video editing software into a more appealing making of time-lapse.
I’ve included a screen shot of how it looks on one screen but Id have the other camera screens moving on a second monitor whilst I work on the main one.

Just to be clear Im not rendering all this, Im just having the cameras move about as I work in the main window, but to the people watching my stream it would look like 4 screens with 3 of them slowly circling the model as its being built.

Thank you for your time.