Multiple animations dont work after adding texture


I was searching the forum but cant find any solution for my problem.
I have a model textured, rigged and animated. Everything works pefectly. And unfortunately I forgot to texture a tongue. So I uncheck automatic keyframe setting and added a texture to it (created material, unwrapped, added few textures).
I did it with with one of the animation selected, lest say it was “Idle”. Now no matter which animation I select it always plays only “Idle” even if I see on the DopeSheet that the keyframes are different.
Why did it happened? What can I do to make my animations play again or are they lost for good?

Ok I found the solution. Maybe somebody will use it in future - while making changes the action “Idle” had linked to some other mesh also.
Didnt notice before that there were 3 users of that action. All I had to do was to find the object it was linked to and unlink it.