Multiple animations for single skeleton

Hi, I’m using blender to do some animations for a character that will be used in-game. So a single character & skeleton with multiple animations. The easiest way for me to organise this and to export it would be to have the armature defined in one file and for each animation to be in its own file with a link to the armature. However if I try and link it won’t let me pose libdata so I end up having to copy the armature in which gives big problems if I need to change the base armature.

I can see the problems that are going to be involved with having a link to an armature that may have changed dramatically - new bones being added is going to cause problems.

Can I ask what other people in the same situation have done? Do you just lock down the armature and not allow changes, or is there an elegant solution that I’m missing?

Thanks in advance,

I’m not sure about the “in-game” aspect of your question, but for ordinary animations, you can do what you’re talking about using proxy objects, I believe.

Thanks Bugman, that looks like exactly what I’m after.