Multiple Animations In One Blend File

I really need to figure out how to save multiple animations to one blend file so I can have them for Unity. I think this might be able to be achieved in the dope sheet under the action editor but I can’t seem to figure out how on my own.

So how would a person go about saving multiple animations or actions into a single blend file?

Never mind. Finally found what I was looking for.

Sometimes I hate Google.

Edit: Never mind once again. I didn’t find what I was looking for, at least I don’t think so. I’ll go ahead and mark this as unsolved again so I don’t loose out on any potential help.

Edit II: Never mind for the third time. Turns out I’m not a very thorough reader. I found what I was looking for after all.

Hi Shane,

Now I’m all curious. What did you find?

Let him sleep first.

I found that you tell Unity which keyframes a particular animation is in between. Can’t believe I managed to miss that after about a day and a half of research.

Also, different actions. They are different animations saved within the same blend file.

Which is what I was initially asking how to make different actions but I found a way around that. I wouldn’t mind some advice on how to create and save different actions though.

All you have to do is bring up the action editor or dopesheet and there is a dropdown with your actions listed. Just click the dropdown and start a new one. When you want to go back to another animation, select the dropdown with the actions list and choose another. It should be straight forward. If you have anymore problems let us know.