Multiple Armatures / Animal Rigging

How do multiple armatures interact within a single mesh?

All of the beginner armature tutorials I’ve seen deal with a single armature within a mesh—as soon as I try to rig anything more complicated I get stuck.

I’m trying to rig a simple four-legged animal. Are there any tutorials which describe this process for beginners? Should I be using multiple armatures (for each leg) within a single mesh (this is giving me trouble when weight painting—I can’t select bones).

I’ve been trying to make a simple rig for days and keep getting stuck. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Generally, one mesh one armature. A mesh can have mulitple armature modifiers though, so technically you can, but would probably be confusing to animate. So, for ur critter, you would have one armature of many bones segments


For a variety of reason, all of your controls for a character should be contained within a single armature.