Multiple cameras with different resolution

How can I have multiple cameras in a scene, each with a different render resolution (and vertical or horizontal)? For instance I have an archviz scene with some exterior cameras and some interior cameras, some cameras have vertical view others a horizontal view, some are very wide, while others are more squarish.
I know how to change between different cameras but every time it takes the resolution of the previous camera.
Any tip would be appreciated, thanks.

Not sure if that is possible - however, you could create a new linked scene, delete the old camera, and add a new one. That way the render settings are remembered, and changes to objects will still be linked. Switching between scenes is very fast with the outliner, and you could open multiple windows that display the different scenes/camera views easily. (ctrl-alt-w)

I just gave it a try and it works perfectly. Thanks, I didn’t know about these scenes, another Blender discovery made today :slight_smile: