multiple cloth settings for dynamics in 2.5?

Hi all.

I’ve been playing with 2.5, trying to make dynamic rabbit ears using rubbery cloth and it works a treat. Where I’m stuck is that I’d like to give each ear a slightly different set of settings so they don’t wobble the same way but can only apply one cloth modifier to my mesh. Is there a way around this? I have faked muscle wobble in Max in the past by affecting different clusters of soft selected verts with a stack of differing flex modifiers which gives a nice, natural oscillation of the flesh and am looking to do the same here.

Any advice on work flow here would be appreciated.


Is this any help?

Also there are ways to control softbodies flex with weight painting,

Hope this helps

Not quite. check out this test (2.5)
and you’ll see what I mean. The top is controlled by a cloth modifier but what I’d like to do is, say, add another cloth modifier to the lower bottom half that has different settings, say looser and more wavy for instance.


at the least, allow vertex groups to control other aspects of the simulation like this…


The UI should mirror that established in the particle system rollout like this…

Notice I have put pin in multiple times. I wonder if it’s possible to pin at different points and animate the pinning on and off? For example, a woman wearing a dress (pin 1 at her waist) picks up the hem of her dress to cross a pond (pin 2 at her hand) and drops the hem once across. This is a pretty standard workflow in many other apps and I think it’s well worth considering.


Anyone care or is it just me? :slight_smile: HEELO! Hello! hello. h e l l o h e l l o h e l l o

I’d offer to help, but I’m not yet familiar with these features. I suspect, the reason why you’re not getting much response is because you posted this here in the News & Discussion board, instead of down in one of the support boards, perhaps one dealing with visual effects. I kindly suggest that you ask a mod to relocate this thread to the board which best fits your issue.

This is not a matter of support, it’s a point of discussion in terms of the 2.5 UI and functionality.

Maybe the all matter could all be depending on the foundamental changes performed at the BMesh plus the shader-material improvements… Must be very hard to synchronise the masses of stuff in order to make it all work together.
Of course, the final hope (or at least my deepest wish) would be to be abble to brushpaint EVERYTHING over any mesh, in order to have the various displacements-colors-air resistance-collision-particless influence-morbidity-and all the rest done in one stroke!
But, i guess my dream is more a nightmare for developers!!! :yes:

I misunderstood. I apologize.

A while ago I brought up the concept of dynamic constraints for bones, that would have such options as axis locks, damping, stiffness, etc. That would probably work pretty well in this particular case.

It would also be nice to have a visual feedback to see these axes (a little like in Carrara 1.0 i used to have few years ago) by having pies sliced in x.y.z.