multiple curve guide force field

i’ve multiple particle system and i want that each one follows one curve guide but i don’t find any button to specify the curve guide. The result is that paricle mix the two curve guide…
how can i specify it?

The curve guide is applied to the curve. this is under the physics TAB once the curve has been selected. Click the force field button then choose the Curve Guide force type. Also, remember, that you can place curves and particle systems on the same layer to make the particles only attracted to the curve on that layer.

so if i have more than one curve in my level it could happen that the particles will not follow only the curve that i selected

thanks for your answer

I havent looked over this tutorial yet but it seems to be something similar to what you are going after. I’ll be needing something similar to that very thing, so it lives in my bookmarks :slight_smile:

You can always move/animate the emitter to the start of the next curve. Any particle still emitting will be attracted to the second curve.

Hello caramella.

On top of what ATOM has already stated, you can also join your curve object to a group in order to limit it’s influence to various particle systems. If you don’t already have a group in mind then you can just create a new one by selecting your curve object( as well as any other object that you want inluded) and hitting CTRL + G.

Then within your particle system go to the “Field Weights” panel and select the “Effector Group” box and then select the group of effectors that you want to limit your particle system to.

Good day…