Multiple Curve Guides on Particle System?

Hey guys. Has anyone been able to successfully use multiple curve guides on one particle system to create a good looking long hair-do? I’ve been playing with it, but I can’t get multiple guides to co-operate together very well. :-? Any suggestions (or .blends ;)) would be great.:slight_smile:


P.S. I’m using the latest particle build from here:

try using layers to keep the guides seperate the guide will only affect particales on the same layer ( I think) good luck I have played around with the hair some one thing I found is the over all size of every thing in your sceene needs to be right to work. if your set up is acting strange select everything and scale. I think this afects the guide strength I dont realy know but it does change the way the particals work.

you need to set the mindist, and falloff to reasonable values

[maybe set maxdist too]