Multiple loop cuts


I’m slowly starting to model in Blender and I’m wondering if there is a similar tool like the Loop Slice in Modo ?

Instead of inserting one loop at a time, the tool allow to insert an edge loop in multiple face loop according to the previously selected perpendicular edges.

Loop cut and slide (ctrl+R) is two operators in one, which subdivides edge rings. Selecting an edge ring and subdividing is the same as adding a loop cut without the slide.

The edge rings have to be selected to get them subdivided, which can be done by selecting the edges, multi-select from select menu -> edge rings, and then subdivide. Faster when multi-select rings and loops have a hotkey assigned, which can be added by right clicking on the menu item.

Thanks ! I didn’t think about the subdivide command. It isn’t as flexible as the Modo tool IMHO but gives the desired result :+1:
Using shortcuts make the process fast enough.

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