Multiple materials

Ok, Blender has me pissed off again. Somewhere along the way while trying to assign materials to the different panels of my car, first I just let the software assign generic names to them, so each panel had a different name such as “Material.001.” Then I went back and selected all the panels (separately) that were to be the body color and give it a specific name, and so on. Now each different object has more than one material assigned to it, and I didnt push the Nodes button so I dont know how that happened. But I am now trying to clean up the material list by going through each object and unlinking the generic materials so I can save/reload the project and hopefully the unused materials will be gone - but, problem. One of the panels contains a side marker light which was integrated into the front fender mesh, and I had to separate vertices. I got the marker light the color I wanted, but the fender will not show the material I have selected. It shows in the list of materials for that mesh, but the model is still the default grey material. How do I fix this? Thank you.

I would upload the .blend file, but it exceeds the limit of 976kb…??

It seems as if your model is made up of several objects. A car can be made of a few number of objects, actually the car chassis can be only one object, depending on what you want it to do. I’m telling you this because I think multiple materials are used in a per object basis.

Yes, that is correct, I modeled it in separate “panels” because I wanted it to resemble the way a real car is constructed so that individual panels can be modified. And also, yes, multiple materials are assigned to the multiple objects, and I want to get rid of all the materials that are generically named. I’m finding this to be right next to impossible to do. Especially the front fender.

Edit: Figured it out, I just deleted the material index for that object and went back and assigned the material from the list that I wanted again.

How about considering an extended planning of the hierarchy before continuing your project? You can give the same name to all of the object’s hierarchical items, object, mesh, material, texture…