Multiple monitors and startup file.

Been trying to figure this one out off and on for a bit now. System specs in signature.

I like to use blender on multiple monitors. However, I cannot get the layout to be properly applied after saving the startup file.

I’ve tried two methods.

  • Resizing a single blender window to span the two monitors.
  • Shift+Drag to create a second window and placing that on the second monitor

With method 1: saving the start-up file and reloading blender results in a single blender window with all the views but rather than it spanning the two monitors it is re-sized to fit on a single monitor.

With method 2: after saving the start-up file and reloading, Blender opens both windows with the views that I had set but they’re both on a single monitor rather than one being on the second.

I’m not sure if this is a Blender or a Windows limitation. When I position other applications like firefox with the window spanning two monitors the program is positioned completely on a single monitor the next time it launches. So the resizing of the window when I try method 1 above may not be possible due to a Windows API thing. Can’t figure out why method 2 won’t work though.

Does anyone know a way around this?

The same problem here.

The behavior has changed between Blenderrevision 54219 and 54230.
My workaround is to save the startupsettings with <54220 close it and reopen a new Blenderversion and all looks fine.
Unfortunately some features of the newer versions are not avaiable and therefore not adjustable in <54220 …

So, the culprit is the startupfile or rather the way it is generated.


Thanks for that insight tom.

After playing with this a little more it seems that in 2.66 if the second window is set to full screen mode then it is placed on what windows is set to use as the primary display. If the second window is not set to full screen mode then it will open on the other monitor.

On tom’s recommendation I configured my window layout in 2.65 and then copied the startup.blend file from “%appdata%\Blender Foundation\Blender\2.65\config” to “%appdata%\Blender Foundation\Blender\2.66\config” and 2.66 now will start up with windows on the correct display and in full screen mode.

So there is a work around for now. But I would rather not have to load up 2.65 and copy the .blend each time i make a change to my start up config.

Started a bug report on the bug tracker. ID: #34391

Not sure about a fix since it like tom said it’s most likely caused by that fix in 54220.

Campbell Barton, Blender dev, fixed this in a patch this morning.

Grab a build post 54879 from and should be good to go now.