Multiple objects follow same curved path

I am learning curve modifier with multiple objects follow same path. I am facing problem while objects following the path. These are the steps I have followed.

  1. Added a path
  2. Added a cube
  3. selected cube + selected path and CTRL+P selected follow path.
  4. selected cube and using duplicate frames created multiple objects.
  5. using ctrl+shift+a separated all the objects.
  6. selected each individual object and added follow path constraint, using alt+O cleared origin. using the object properties changes delta x value to make it apart on the path.
  7. attached screen shot “Multipleobjects_oncurve.jpg”.
  8. Once animation is started at the place of curved portion on the path objects are not exactly following the path. it is like the one shown in screen shot “multipleobjects_afterfew_frames.jpg”.

Blender file also attached for your reference.

Please let me know what settings are needed to make all the objects follow the same path on the curve.

If there is any better procedure please help me.



arraypath.blend (522 KB)

It might be easier for you to use a curve modifier. Add a plane at the origin of the curve, elongate it in edit mode and add some loop cuts so that it is more or less divided into equal faces. Add your cube and scale it to the size you want, then parent the cube to the plane. In the Object panel for the plane select Faces in the duplication section. Now add a Curve modifier to the plane and select your curve as the Object. If you move the plane along the X-axis the plane and cubes will follow the curve. You can animate this by adding keyframes to the location of the plane. You should make sure that the Scale of all your objects is 1 before adding the Curve modifier.

curveModifier.blend (468 KB)

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The reason you are seeing the effect you have is you originally used instances. When you make them individual objects, it still is using a linked mesh. Therefore when you animate one it picks the original and that is what you are seeing. (look in outliner, click plus bar on any of your objects you will see the same mesh, you have a zillion copies of whatever.) Big job to fix. I would use another method. But if you are game. Here goes.

Select all your objects, and first unparent (alt p keep transforms) them from your path. You already used it for creating your dupliframes and that is confusing things.

Make all single user (use space bar to pull up type and in window check all items in tool shelf window) do it again with items checked to selected objects to be sure.

Clear your rotation and scale out - control A -

Select your nurbs curb and clear out the modifier and key frames. (graph editor, N, delete generated modifier)(curve object data, evaluation time, right click clear key frames)

Select first object. Set your transform to 0 (xylem) using( alt g) it jumps.

add your constraint follow path set your nurbs curve and it will jump back to the start of the path. Change for x in constraint. Check follow curve.

`Do the same for the next one and use the offset to position it on the curve. And so on ….until you do them all.

Select your curve and curve object data and animate the frames. (insert key frame on 1, go to say 100 insert another after you change evaluation time to say 100 or so).

Or you could use a method as suggested.

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