Multiple Objects Switching Layers

How do you get two (or more) objects that are grouped to switch layers at the same time? I have been doing them individually. There must be a way?

I don’t mean just using multiple select to switch them (RMB ObjectA, then Shift-RMB ObjectB, then ‘M’-Key, LMB desired Layer, Switch to Layer, ‘I’-Key->Layer)…

I mean select ObjectA, move it from Layer 1 to Layer 2 w/ ObjectB following it and then insert the layer key for both objects.

Is it possible? I tried using Groups, but it didn’t work. Maybe I am selecting the wrong parts of the Group??

Anyone know? Thanks.


Umm, why do you want to use method “2” ? :confused:

Whether you “shift select” the second,…third… object, or just add the desired objects into a group, then select them with sh-g, you still end up selecting multiple objects.

Just because objects are in a group, doesn’t mean additional members of the group get automatically selected when you select one of them. In fact that would be undesirable for most users I would suspect.


I was asking for the sake of time and memory :slight_smile: … I just thought it would get complicated if you wanted to move several objects at once.

It would make sense considering the objects I’m working with (Muzzle Flare [some planes] and Laser Beams [more planes] are already parented to the bones that control them on Layer 1. The Muzzle Flare and the Laser Beams are on Layer 3. I’m adding lights, so I just wanted to be able to select either the beam or the muzzle flash and move it to Layer 1 for the animation with the lights following accordingly. I don’t want to ever forget the lights that are parented to the respective objects so I thought it would be convenient.

Does that make sense?

With all that being said, you did answer my question so I appreciate your quick reply. At least now I know that you can’t just select one object and have other objects automatically selected.

No problem… I was just looking for “the better way”…



Ctrl-L >> Link Object IPO’s.


Awesome… thanks…