Multiple ("overlapping") textures in material nodes

I am using the materials node in blender 2.63.

I am currently trying to create a kind of stone slate made of granite. In addition I want a text on the slate that should look as if chiseled into the stone with a dark back color to enhance the text.

I have the granite texture assigned to the material and in addition I have created my text into a 32 bit tga file with transparent background (only the text is visible).
As such I have assigned the granite to the object and in addition assigned the text as a displacement node, see enclosed picture. My only problem (I wish!) is how to also assign the text as a second texture on top of the granite to make the text a distinct color (I might eventually blend it with the granite material to increase the realistic effect)

I have tried a lot of combinations but fail to apply two textures to allow both granite and text to be visible.


Okay, so I managed to get a bit further. I used the color-mix node set to “multiply” to mix the (base) granite with the text.

I also applied a displacement map both for the granite and the text which I also combined with a color-mix node, but this time set to “mix”.

I would really like to be able to enhance the displacement on the text, since I don’t think that the cut in the stone is deep enough. How can I achieve this?


Maybe try to use an add node instead of a mix node.

Thanks for your reply shadowlich.

Maybe or did not make my question clear enough or I do not understand your suggestion. I am using a mix node in order to combine the displacement of both the granite and the text. But what I am after is to increase the displacement of only the text…

Lord Alchemist, try adding a math node between the image for the text and the mix node. Use multiply and a value higher than 1

Thanks vanish. That did in fact increase the displacement. I think I will invest some time in understanding the various settings in the math node.

I am not able to get the effect of a chiseled text though so I guess I will have to model the text instead. Maybe I need to do boolean.

Thanks again for your reply

No problem LordAlchemist. One other suggestion - it’s not so noticeable but technically better - at the moment you will have the displacement effect coming therough the chisled letters, whereas one would expect the carvers would smooth the inset part of the letters.

To get this effect change the ‘mix’ colour to darken (if you are using black for the text) or lighten (if you are using white).
If you want to talk about this stuff PM me - I’m glad to help further as it help me learn too :slight_smile: