Multiple Path Animation


I am using blender since 2.5 years. I have a problem in my first animated clip. I have collected a 3d character model BLEND SWAP. But I have rigged it up. In the animation I want to make the person walk towards a chair and drag the chair at the front of the table. I have created the first path animation (walking towards the chair). But I have to create the second path. So when I have joined the armature to the new path, the first animation has gone. So what can I do now?

Please help me.


I believe you can only make one curve pat but you can make it as long as yo wish and as fast or slow as you want by adjusting the curve of the curve in graph editor. Welcome to BA

You can have two/multiple path curves. Just cross fade the influence when you want to switch between them.

I’d actually do something like that with two shots rather than one. Start with a medium view as the character walks toward the chair, then switch to a close up, possibly at a better angle to view the chair pulling action. Merge the two clips in the NLA editor or simply animate them to a different frame ranges and render the animation from the series of stills.

Live film and television rarely has shots longer than a few seconds, why should animation be any different?