Multiple Product Lighting Issue


The main issue im having is how to get rid of the very dark lines between each bottle so it can look professional on a website.

Here’s a rendered image of the bottle

Here’s the blend file

I’ve always struggled with proper studio lighting, but finding videos that work with multiple products have been very rare. If you have any informative videos, feel free to send them my way.

Any help would be appreciated!

Edit: I have went to Object Properties>Ray Visibility and unchecked Shadow on the bottles, but it had little to no effect.

Do you have any reference photo/lighting to get an idea about what lighting direction you want to achieve? and also, can we move/tweak the bottle placement?

When I photograph a product IRL, sometimes one of the solutions is to move the bottle a little and use a longer focal length so that it still appears close to each other, and of course, multiple shots/compositing is still there if we don’t have any other way to do it.

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You’re more than welcome to adjust the bottle placement.

Here’s a reference photo

Here’s a reference video

I don’t have the bigger bottle to show for a reference, but the only difference between the two is that one is a 4 ounce bottle, while the other is an 8oz bottle (They do share the same size cap)

ah sorry, i guess you misunderstood my previous reply, i didn’t mean the reference for the product itself, but the reference for your target lighting (just a general direction is fine, and it could be another product), in another word, what kind of lighting you want to achieve. I mean, lighting setup for a catalogue is (most of the time) different from lighting for hero shots or ads.

Not a native-English speaker here, sorry🙏🏼

*edit: btw what is the height of the taller one? i look at your file and the size is really big, I want to scale it to real-world measurement because it’ll make lighting placement easier. I just eyeballing from your photo and it must be around 15cm.

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  1. I think it would be possible to use hdri swivel lighting or add lighting to remove dark parts.

  2. There are many ways to use lighting or studio lighting for product shooting on YouTube.

It’s not a 3D lighting method, it’s an actual lighting method, and you just need to get that information in 3D.

Of course, a 100% complete implementation is difficult and requires 3D-appropriate variations.

Link is a free Addon for studio lighting configuration.

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I’m pretty new to lighting products, so the direction I followed was really open ended, which was to make it look real, but beautiful. The main purpose is for it to be put on a website as a stand alone product image for consumers to see.

The exact height from the bottom of the bottle to the tip of the cap is exactly 20cm.

By the way, your English is really good. It’s just my inexperience is showing that I comprehended it differently :sweat_smile:

I don’t have the other bottle on hand to get an exact measurement for you, but the size in the blend file is an exact scale. As long as you scale both together, you can get it pretty darn close.

This is my first trial, all is applicable in real photograph (just slight change from actual light to a reflector)

sorry about the denoiser, it just a fast render.

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Thank you for the ideas and video! I’ll try them out now and let you know how the changes go.

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I appreciate the render! It looks much better than a majority of the trials I was doing lol.

How did you change it to a reflector?

ah, sorry again, i used Blender mostly to create my lighting plan for actual studio photographs, so i always keep that in consideration when choosing and placing light. You don’t have to change anything if it won’t be photographed in the real world.

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Honestly, thank you for giving me a different view on how to plan out my lighting. Your replies and images are very helpful! I’m gonna try that set up out and make it the best I can. Appreciate the time you took to help me out! :grin: :+1:

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Btw, this is the blend file in case you’re interested.
Your render might be slightly different, because i use AgX in that file, just change the CM to Filmic and it should be fine.
I change the scale to a more realistic size too.

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Much appreciated! Thank you for your help!

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