Multiple reflections problem.

Hi, I’m having trouble with multiple reflections. I managed to create a few glass cubes with beautiful caustics, and also reflections of each other, very much like in the “unofficial” glassworks caustics tutorial in the forum. Now I would like to make the floor slightly reflect the cubes also, but when I assign the floor texture reflections, the render process just freezes after a while! I have done the reflections with the RayMirror (if I remember correctly) toggle with a value of ca. 0.10. Mind you that the reflections on the floor work well if the object it is reflecting is not reflective (still follow me? :wink: ), made of e.g. “glass”. Is this a known problem? I couldn’t find any threads on this. I’m using the newest Blender with YafRay 0.07.
Many thanks in advance.

OK… To give a guess…

Things that partialy refect things that are transparent and reflective (ie glass) means you need very high ray depth and it puts the number cast of rays through the roof. I’m guessing its not frozzen, but rather very slow. This is a typical ray tracing problem. Try reducing the ray depth and seeing if it renders. It will be wrong, but will let you know that this is a problem.

If it really does freeze, then it probably a bug. But i doubt this is a problem.

Otherwise you could use the yafray fourms for this question…


Thanks for the advice, I’ll try reducing the ray depth and see if it works. But the process definetly freezes (or stops at an early time), i.e. there’s no processor action (according to gkrellmonitor) and yafray gives me back a black screen.
I’ll also go and see the yafray forums.