multiple selection

I’ve been using Blender for a few months, but I have to admit I still haven’t worked out how to conveniently multiple-select objects by name. You can do that in OOps schematic, but not in Outliner - using shift or ctrl doesn’t help. Items in OOps aren’t always conveniently arranged for quick multiple-selection. Is there a better way?

you could parent-child the objects
then then when you move the parent all the children will follow the parent


You have a few choices if you click Select in the 3D window header, but I’m still hardwired for Shft-F4. You may have to backspace “…” to see all libs if you use it.


Two swings and two strikes!

In the outliner you can only multi-select objects by shift clicking the icon next to the name (not the name itself).

And for selecting multiple files it’s right click right?

There’s also the groups option.

Select your objects, press CTRL-G (Object/Group/Add to New/Existing group).

Then when you want to select all the objects, select one of them then press SHIFT-G or use the Select/Grouped menu.


Thanks a lot guys for the suggestions! But special thanks to kitsu - that’s precisely what I wanted :smiley:
It’s left click though (with shift) :rolleyes: