Multiple shots in one animation frame.

Here’s what I am trying to achieve…the end product, an aimated short, where the screen is subdivided into, for example, into two views (left/right-hand sides). Each side will have the same animation (frame-per-frame), just from different camera angles.

I’ve already generated each of the animations separately. Is there a way, in Blender, for me to generate the split-screen effect from the two clips? Or will I need to step up to some other video editing software?

i think you can do it pretty easily in blender (as almost anything you can think of :slight_smile: )…


open an empty scene

add to planes that have the same aspect ratio as the rendered


place them exactly next to each other

apply the two movie clips as movie textures to the two planes

(hit the “shadeless”-button in the corresponding shader settings)s

add a camera to scene

select the camera and go to the edit buttons

hit the “ortho” button

switch to camera view and place the camera in a way that the

both planes are in scope

ajust the start and end frame to the duration of the movie textures

render the anmiation

got the idea ?

hope this is useful,

You could mix them using an alpha over node or a mix node and an image. Half the image is black, the other half is white, and you set that as a texture into the composite node as the mix value.

Thanks for the tips. Works great!


sounds like you are doing a stereo pair…something I have worked on quite a bit in blender :smiley:

I even made a stereo pair seq plugin a long time ago to make it really fast and painless to make either a Xeyed or relaxed view stereo pair. If you are interested in checking it out, let me know.

If you want to do it with nodes, here is what I do…

Open blender and delete the everything in the default scene but the camera. Then set your render settings so that the x size is 2 times the size of your R & L avi’s. This is to get your output size set right.

Add a couple of image nodes, one for each of your avi’s. Add a translate node for each and then alpha over the render layer output.

here is a screenshot of a couple of old avi’s that I made a couple of years ago that I just set up (I used my plugin back then…) the avi’s were 120 frames, 320x 480 and the render setting is 640 x480

BTW: the avi’s were rendered from an old fireworks tut blend - not my own work


This seems to work nicely with avis.

But if I use scenes instead of images or avis, Blender resizes the rendersize of the halves to the size of the output scene. Is there any way to prevent this without rendering in advance?