multiple texture coordinate sets

Is it possible to have multiple texture coordinates per vertex? I need to have atleast 2 so I can have a normalmap…

Just put each in a seperate texture chanell.


I need different texture coordinates for the different textures, since the goal is to export the mesh and use it in a game. Even if I have two texture channels, I can only perform one uv mapping…

I don’t know enough about the game engine to give you a decent reply. I suspect that even if it could be done (maybe map duplicate models, each with their own texture, on hidden layers and get them to the visible layer when needed) you may have your biggest problem with the export. Don’t really know.

Could this please be moved to the GameEngine forum?


Several UV maps per object is useful both for games and video production. This feature is badly missing from Blender - it is not possible.

However, you can have several textures that share the same UV coords, so for a bump map I’d just keep the same ones.