Multiple UV and Vert Color Layer in CVS

It’s still a work in progress, and I don’t believe it’s even been integrated into the materials or render systems yet. However, this is a major feature whose absence has caused me grief over the years.

We need a drooling smiley.

Oh yeah!
I’ve made new build today morning and it’s seems to work :slight_smile: Now there are even python api for this.

I have a compilation without game engine for windows archiver in zip 8.04MB or 7zip 5.78MB
You just have to extract to a directory all DLL is in.

This is a surprise.

If multiple UV maps can work in the game engine then this will be a bonus for artists and game makers alike.:slight_smile:

Multiple vertex color channels sounds pretty good too.

Ha! Yes! Hello In game Blood Splats…

Anyone could tell me how to do a 2nd UV set with this build? Switch between them?

is it like photoshop where you freely align the layers ?

It’s not layered images – it’s layers of uv coordinates and vert colors. In other words, you can do a uv unwrap, then make a new uv layer and create a different uv unwrap on the same object. likewise with vert colors. It’s not been implemented into materials or render yet, and i would suspect that how materials make use of these layers will be a big part of how useful they are to us.

double UV needed in game development related 3d
now we need to implement it to collada exporter :slight_smile:

Ok. I have found it. F9, mesh panel, uv texture. UV/Image editor doesn’t update automatically, but pressing G (move) over the window and right after ESC helps. I was waiting for this feature for a year. Thumbs up on your work, Brecht!

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Aw finaly! Decals! Simple windows! quick stuff like that I see now

freaking ROCKS!

This is really a good news,not only multi uv is good but even vertex colors are really useful for shading stuff(I think a vertex color node is needed now).
But we should think carefully on what to do for multires.For now that multiuv and multi vertexcolors are not supported for multires the memory usage is allreay huge(too much),I hope that multi uv and multivertexcolors don’t make the things worse(maybe is a little bit off topic,sorry).