Multiple UV textures conflicting on mesh.


I am having an issue with multiple UV textures conflicting on a mesh. I have imported a mesh from Fallout 3 which has already been unwrapped. I loaded the texture that is on the mesh ingame to UV map it, but am having an issue. There is an area on the mesh where two textures must overlap. There is a cement wall, and over it the texture of crossing metal support beams. The issue is that where the mesh is placed over the metal beam texture, so that it looks correct, is in the wrong place on the cement texture. So can I make part of the mesh UV mapped over one texture, but the same parts arent UV mapping on the other texture? Thanks for any help.


What are you saying? Is metal support beam and cement wall a single object? Picture please.

I decided to use a different mesh UV setup to avoid the complicated dilema all together. And sorry its kinda hard to explain and next time I will post pictures if I run into it again.