Multiple UV textures?

Is it possible to apply more than one uv texture to a mesh in blender. Like i have a bump map that im using as a uv texture, but i also want another image to act as a uv map and give the mesh its colouring etc. is this possible, and if so, how? thanks?

Once you have the UV coordinates in place load your maps in the materials settings as a texture image just like you would if you were applying an image that wasn’t a UV map. Bounce back over to the materials buttons and switch to UV in the Map Input buttons, then select what effect you want (nor, alpha, emit…) in the Map To buttons…

I know that this quick answer doesn’t translate too well to the screen, so here’s a link to the new wiki manual:

Check the Texture section on Map Input to see what those buttons are, there is also a section on Bump and Normal mapping that should help.

ah right, cheers.