multiple uvs

what is the correct workflow for this? I actually managed to do it, but I dont know if Im doing it right, and what is the best way to stay organised, when I switch between uvs, im getting mixed up.

I have cube and sphere, I unwrap cube. there is no texture, but there is UVTex in f9 mesh.

I add new image UV test grid, I now have untitled grid.
add material-texture-image-untitled- then map to UVTex

now if i unwrap sphere, it also unwraps on untitled uv grid.
so i create new image, and change to untitled.001, then unwrap sphere on that.

add material, texture-image-untitled.001
but when i go to f9 tab, its still got uv texture UVTex. if i map to, wont it map to untitled not untitled.001?

so i delete this, add new uv texture, this is also named UVTex, so i rename UVTex1
and back in materials, write in map to, UVTex1

so can someone explain simple way to do this in 2.49?

also, what about when theyre same object. like join them, or i want half sphere 1 uv, half sphere second uv.

Why are you unwrapping on to blank UV window and not giving it an image?

The reason for unwrapping in the first place is to put some type of image on to that map right? So, proper workflow is to put image or blank image with title in UV window and unwrap on it. That’s it.

Im unwrapping before I have created an image in photoshop, so that I can save and export the uv face layout?! also, baking ao.

With exporting UV layout, using script with 2.49, you get an image file you can work with in Photoshop. This file can be loaded back into UV window. But to properly “load” that image onto the object, you need to add that image as a texture under its material.

With AO baking, you need UV map and image file to bake to. After baking process is over, you then “save” the image from UV window to be edited with Photoshop.

Erh, thats not what Im asking at all. I know the uv mapping process, as the title of the thread says. I am asking about the correct order to assign multiple uvs.

I think I’m having the same issue. I have a mesh with a head texture and a shirt texture on it. I unwrap the part of the mesh with the head texture, and export the UV map and get a UV map of the head. Then I unwrap the part of the mesh with the shirt texture, and export the UV map; but the UV map I get is an over lap of the head and shirt UV map.

I want just the shirt UV map not an overlap of both. and I want to know how do I fix this.

are we having the same problem Mrjynx?

I went through some old threads. maybe that will help, im a bit lost right now. my confusion comes when u have two objects with seperate texture maps, and two different materials, yet in the map input tab, you would write “UVTex” however by default the uv slot for each mesh is called UVTex. so how does it know which object to get the uvtexture co-ordinates from?
i know u can add a second UVTex in f9, it will be called UVTex.001 however this doesnt create a new image texture.
when i add a new texture in materials texture tab, it doesnt add a new UVTex nor does it create any maps yet it does add Tex.001 but tex is not a map, cos i still have to go to the texture tab in textures, and assign an image texture.

pressing U unwraps a mesh, and creates a UVTex but doesnt create a “new image texture”


Objects only ever use their own UV coordinates, unless you have set a ‘Texture Mesh’, in which case they use the UVs of that mesh instead.

I confess it’s really not clear to me what you are actually trying to do that you think isn’t working. Can you state the problem (or the effect you want you achieve) separately from the details of your attempts to solve it?

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Okay so I write UVTex in map input regardless of what mesh it is. thats one question down i guess. thanks for replying.
you are right, my question is a bit of a mess, im just going to bed so I will have to write some simple questions out tomorrow.
Im mainly just getting lost with all the places there are with texture slots and what refers to what.

Question. if I have two seperate untextured objects, and join them, what is correct steps to unwrap and render with different uv textures?
and does the same method apply if you create one mesh, but want to have two maps on it.

This is just a special case of having a single mesh with different UV textures for different regions (the two regions being the originally separate objects).
I’ve put a short tutorial example on my home page.

and does the same method apply if you create one mesh, but want to have two maps on it.

No, since in the first case you only need one map.

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Thanks for the tutorial, that was simpler than I expected. I noticed the mesh, even tho it has 2 seperate uv image textures applied to it, it only has 1 UVTex slot assigned to it. So in what situation would you add a second UVTex.001

You need a second UV layer when any given face needs more than one UV unwrapping; for example, you might need one when painting or baking from one texture to another. In my tutorial example, although there are two different textures, each face of the mesh only uses one, so only needs one set of UV coordinates.

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Can you please elabourate on this needing more than 1 uv mapping.

When I add UVTex.001 it creates second space for a new texture, now when i add a grid, it kicks out the first UVTex
when I click a UVTex layer, it changes what is in viewport, but doesnt change whats viewable in editor.
also in material map input, does it matter which UVTex I type in UV box?

What is this process of baking from one texture to another? I am aware of baking a texture by loading something from the material texture slot, then baking it to the uv map. but no other way.