Multiple video textures on different objects. Possible?

ok, so I have 2 different screens in my scene, and I would like them to have different materials/video textures at the same time. Is this possible? Everything I try, I end up with the same thing playing on both screens.

I followed this tutorial to get 1 video playing:
and it worked great.

my first attempt at 2 video textures I simply redid the tutorial, using the same, but changing the string values for the Game Properties… resulted in the same video on both.

My second attempt I created a new .py which I called, and I changed all the variable names by adding “1” to the end of it. I linked the new py in the object controller. I worked through the errors, and I’m still getting the same video on both materials.

The obvious answer is to create 1 video with both videos side by side and change the UV on my screens. The problem is that the aspect ratios are drastically different, and having 1 movie containing the content for both screens would be extremely in efficient. For example, one video is 80x15000 and the other is 720x486.

Has anyone found a way to have 2 different videos play on 2 different materials/objects in the same scene? Would love to hear your thoughts.

it is possible, but right away i cant explain it. You will need several VideoTextures.

If you define it, be careful to not overwrite it, otherwise it will display the same video on the screens.

The process of the VideoTexture / bge.texture modules replaces the material’s texture with the image or movie file, which means that if two objects share materials, then they will also share videos. You must make sure to use separate materials and images.

You’re awesome SolarLune! It’s working great now… and to think after all that, all I needed was to reference a different jpg in the new material… /le sigh. Anyway, thanks again!

Hope you will like this one multiple videos in Blender