Multired edge control?

I like to use Catmull-Clark based Multire on object. But as you know this method will round off all edges of object as well. How can I keep outer edges from getting rounded off? Example, a cylinder with one end closed. The facetted cylinder smooth out with Multire but the end closure goes round too. I like to keep the end closure edge corner.

Simple Subdiv option method will keep the hard edge through out the object, including the interior of object. Facet on the cylinder will stay flat.

Add some edge loops right on the edge you want to keep sharp. Don’t remove doubles or you’ll delete them. Note that this method may not be best if you want to UV unwrap etc due to the overlapping vertices.

Nice trick. I didn’t realize that loop cut could be made right at the edge! Unfortunately I do have UV map associated with the object.