Multires bug when entering object mode or changing to higher levels of detail

I’m having this problem and I don’t now if it’s possible to fix or why is happening.
I have a multires modifier with 5 levels of detail.
Suddenly at some point it started having this bug that you can see on the picture (I’m not allowed to upload the file).
I think it could be related to at some point using the move tool without enabling the “Sculpt Base Mesh” option. But I really don’t know if that is related and if it is fixable.
I would really appreciate if anyone can guide me.
Thank you very much.

Here is in sculpt mode, on level 1 of 5 of detail.
Still you can see something is not right in the mesh. But if I smooth it, it fixes it but as I change back to object mode or to other level of detail the problem comes back.