Multiview / stereoscopic strips in VSE - repeated frames (plays through _L and _R)

Hi, I’m rendering a stereoscopic animation which I would like to edit using VSE.
When I render, I get files ending in _L and _R for each side.

If I import these files into the VSE using multiview, I correctly see the merge (in anaglyph) of the frames, but still the editor will play through _L then _R frames, effectively playing the animation twice as slow.

If I load only the _L files, then it al “works” fine but, of course, it’s not easy to select only the _L files.

Am I doing something wrong?
Or is there something wrong with the multiview support in VSE?

If I select all the images in a folder with both _L and _R files, shouldn’t blender know what these are if I load them as “multiview”?

… would like to add: the problem happens when setting multiview to “individual” files;
if I render the files “stereo 3d”, top-bottom, etc. the problem disappears, as there is only one file per frame.

Not sure but can you select the _L files separately to the _R files then stack them on the timeline?

hi david! thanks, yes, that works : )

tho it’s quite painful to select only _L in blender – and not very practical when you have hundreds of hundreds of stills.
I’d thought that when loading the sequence with “multiview” and “individual” blender would’ve sorted that out for us.

BTW, I love your tutorials on compositing and VSE, thanks!

You can use a wildcard to select e.g… ********_L.jpg

There must be as many stars as letters in the source name.

That’s a great tip! Thanks again : )