Mundane Render - Part 2

really nice work man you also fooled me about that it was a real photo ahhaha!!

Cool, this is awesome!!! Like photo!!

It’s insane this is rendered. You realy have a good eye for realism. :smiley:

These are really good, but what makes them looks strange and in some eyes can jump as photomontage is the not so obvious lack of shadows… Lightning wise these pics gives the illusion of photos taken with a flash, like usual, but no shadows are visible anywhere, so the character looks kind of “flattened” and that’s what some people can see apparent differences in the face comparing the rendering vs viewport.

Unfortunately, (at least IMHO) EEVEE doesn’t have that great shadow support, but it’s the only thing that these pics lack.

Still, great work!!!

I agree with Stargeizer, there is definetely a disconnect between the character and the environment lighting on the first two Mundane render topics. It was improved on the latest topic opened by OP, even though some props look worse like the train and the whisky bottle.

But I think here he said it’s Cycles for the static renders. There was an animation topic from the OP where it was mentionned eevee, but I suppose it’s just for the animation. Also, I have the impression that the animation has some compositing/overlay feel to it.

But in anycase that’s great work whatever the technique, real render or compositing.

Keep them coming Blitter!

I’m definetely looking forward to see a male character or exterior environment.

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lmao it got featured here

Hey @Blitter,

I am currently looking for a CGI artist for a project and your work is great. Is there any platform/email where I could reach you?

Wow doesn’t quite cover it. This is so realistic.