Mundane Render - Part 2

Here’s another series of ‘realistic’ renders done in Blender; tried to achieve a casual non-staged feel in both the posing and composition. Each render took about 4 minutes on my 2080ti with samples set to 1000. Many of the props in the image were imported from BlenderKit (which is amazing!). I want to try doing a male character next time…always proved harder for some reason. Anyhow, comments and suggestions to improve always appreciated.


rad eyes and front light are making their jobs.


Some of the most realistic work I’ve ever seen. Simply amazing.

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Yes, second photo stage with this models and you do it again. There is just little line between photo and render. As previous I have one “but” about her hair. When you’ll improve it we will ask you every time for viewport screens to prove that is not photo :slight_smile:
try this artist

Once again these are very nice renders. Although it feels like the shadows are missing.
This is especially noticeable in the fourth picture: the flash from the camera should make the chair cast hard shadows on the floor. Also, the flash should be visible in the girl’s eyes like it is in the next picture (same thing in the last picture).

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I’ve seen his work. It’s also very good.

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Can you please post these as separate images instead of one huge collage?

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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

Yes, sorry about that… see below…

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This looks crazy real. The only thing that gives it away is away is the complete lack of shadows.
I am especially impressed with the face materials and posing., but also hands. Amazing stuff.

amazing! reminds me of lilmiquela from instagram but this is way way better! great job!