"Mundane" Render

Welcome any comments on my render below. I’m always trying to make a believable, realistic render of normal, mundane environments, poses, etc. This was done in cycles, took about 10 minutes to render at 3000 samples.



Any wire or clay renders ?
Looks good. The color of her knee really adds to it… her right hand looks little long/big or something… cant put my finger on it, but something looks a little odd with it. The grain in the image (don’t know if its intentional or not) really makes it look like a real photograph.
Nice job.


This artwork is impressive :slight_smile: She is very natural and real looking (believable).
Only little thing maybe - hair? But maybe it was a deliberate artistic act. Correct me if I’m wrong.
Great job!


Yeah we’ll need some wire/clay screenshots to be convinced this is not a photograph :joy:


incredible rendering, great job however for me the carpet is too clean.
otherwise well done


I think thats a render the carpet, wall, cup, and PC desktop are too clean


Thanks for the comments all. See attached for matcap viewport view. Only difference in final render is I cropped out the right and left sides to make the comp a little more pleasing. Also, per the comments, yeh, the hair I still struggle with… and the carpet is a little flat and texture repeats… and the UVs on her dress don’t really work with the texture (as you can see from the additional render below, different pose).


Looks great.
Just the chair hand rests bump map seems a bit strong or/and too large.
And I’d try rendering with less grain because it is not in natural spots for a camera. Perhaps render it clean and add the noise later to the darkest spots.

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Really good! Yeah the carpet and the armrests look a bit fake to me, and the 2nd pic (wonky UV maps) I initially thought was your reference photo! Maybe the lighting is a bit more as expected for a mundane/cheap film camera shot.

Also, did you model the little Tomy robot? I need that model!

No, I wish… it’s straight out of Blenderkit… several of the assets are. I’m more of a texture, lighting, comp guy - vice modeler (though I wish I was!).

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Found it, cheers!

very nice i like realism :+1:

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The lighting is what definitely sales this image’s realism. You have truly nailed the “shot with a disposable camera” look. Bravo! Only thing lacking is the minor things like that others have pointed out.

Me my self coming over from the cinematography and production world, I’ve always thought when viewing 3D renders, whether in film or stills, that it isn’t the “things” in the room that are the keys of portraying realism, although they help add to it as others have pointed out, but it’s the lighting of the scene that is the first key in achieving the “real” look.
And your two images will just random assets placed in a scene, but with outstanding lighting, highlights this point.

Great lighting,


Thank you :slight_smile:

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This fooled me! That it is not a photo is a proof to the requirements of CG. Your proportions are so right on that you have crossed the uncanny valley; we spend so much time looking at the face. You need to be told that it is CG to scrutinize the other objects and find imperfections (which are actually perfections).

Stains, lint, dust, even dust or scratches on the camera lens (but not overdone). The cup, I think. It is so white and white picks up dirt in the real world. It is also a common CG item. It would have subtle variations in color (although industrial manufacturing makes that less so), stains, crumbs. The robot’s face is also like that. I found myself wishing the shadows in the folds of her dress were stronger. I’m not even sure if that would hurt or help the render.

After the mug, I would say the carpet: a large surface that takes up a good deal of real estate. Carpets have stains, fur, lint, warbles and bumps, dirt (but many people keep things so clean these days…).

I didn’t really notice anything with the skin but it probably would have a few cuts, freckles, a little sunburn, moles, hairs, veins. It would be hard to place those realistically.

After the carpet, then the arm rests on the chair. Not sure what it is but the material is a little off compared to the rest of the chair. Maybe it is the bump being too big or too strong or it being a little too shiny. The shape is a little too perfect. It would have some dents. They would not be on the same Z plane and at the same rotation; they look like they are still symmetrical even if you did a little offsetting. (These may be more important than the carpet.)


Damn man, awesome work! Despite all mentioned “bugs”. Coll “digital photo” look :metal:


Impressive! Did you model / rigged / texture the character?

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Textured, yes - modeled/rigged – no. This is a modified Genesis 8 character w/custom morphs I made on the base character using ZB and Blender’s sculpt mode.


Impressive realism man, just need a bit more polish imo, lot of noise, and there’s a bit of uncandy valley in the face, might be the colors? also, most of the objects are too simplistic with not enough dirt and realistic little details on them Also I think, adding some image imperfection that we see in bad photography from 2000’s may sell the image even better

But overall very impressive

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What did you used for the textures? Photoshop, Substance or Quixel?