"Mundane" Render

I will say nothing but just Nailed it…

many comments got good critiques, as well as those the artist talked about, but -sorry- the background ‘stuff’ was really too uncanny-valley clean for me to pass muster as photo-realistic reality… the model, however, superbly done all around, with the knee coloration simply stunning, really… it kind of sounds silly to say that, but it really does a great job as a realistic portrayal of that… a similar look in the one hand, which shows the difficult real life shading of skin that is so subtle and difficult to capture… GREAT JOB on that damn knee !!! hhh

Hello @Blitter ,

This is Berta Cabezas, Project Manager Editorial at PlayGround, a Spanish media company that includes a digital magazine (IG: @playgroundmag)

We would like to ask you if we could use your “Mundane” pictures in a post that we are preparing to release soon talking about your amazing project.

All pictures used will be strictly referred to you as the original author. The media content will be published in our social media accounts and maybe in our website playgroundweb.com

Thank you for considering,

Berta - Project Manager

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Sure thing, feel free to use the images. Thanks


Nice work, what’s your system spec.

2080ti, Ryzen 3900x

I really was about to complain about someone posting “real images” on the website :slight_smile:
This is very VERY GOOD! keep it up.

What shader set up did you use for the hair? I saw the post in blendernation where you were moving around the viewport with evee. I can only get good results using the hair shader that only works in cycles so I am curious your hair shader set up.