Murder Scene

Hey guys,
This is my first attempts to build a scene. My plan is to make it as creepy as possible. I will try to add body parts and blood here and there. I want to learn Substance designer and use it for this project.

Any suggestion to make this scene creepier?


Reverse the light. Put the key light behind the camera so the hallway is falling off into darkness.
Keep the light behind the door frame but move it further off so it’s making a silhouette of the frame. Also what kind of a hallway is it? Hotel? Hospital? apartment?

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Thanks for the suggestions. I will try them.
I have not thought where the hallway is! I was imagining like an old abandoned factory and the room at the back is where the security guard stays.

I thought it might be on a ship, but a factory works!

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I finished the modelling part. I think I can add a lot of more details but I will stop for now to move to texturing. I played with textures but just ignore all of them because I will texture the whole thing with substance painter.

Any suggestions?

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Chains and sharp tools go good with blood and body parts.

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I would put some slightly glowing stuff under the floor. Bit like the floor in the middle below.

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I like the idea. My idea was to add fog coming up from the floor. I might play with your idea as well.