Muscle & Elbow test on arm


The latest version of the the rig can be found here.

I did a quick experiment in Blender with an “arm rig”. The problem is that - when an arm is bent - it usually distorts the elbow and the inner arm too much to be really usable, as shown here (it tends to look to much like a rag doll! - which is why Toy Story’s characters look the way they do!):

There are ways to work around that, e.g. lattices, that are used to “distort” the shape back to a more normal elbow.

I decided to rather use bones to accomplish that. While I was busy, I also decided to add a few muscles. Here is an animation without showing the bones…

And here is one that shows the bones. As you can see - apart form the “muscle bones” - I also added an elbow bone that scales based on the rotation of the forearm. This is by no means perfect, but it is a lot better with a relative simple rig:

This is really great! I haven’t seen anything like this before. Does it still see to work OK when rotating the forearm bone, as in rotating the wrist?

Any chance in sharing some of the setup so I could try it (maybe constraints and weight paint)? That would be fantastic! I would love to get rid of some of the shape keys.

Hi browntb,

The latest version of the rig can be found here.