Muscle Simulation

How would i go about making a bicep bulge when the forearm is bent in? I have the bones set up, but i do not quite understande how to manipulate the mesh more precisely. any help is much obliged :slight_smile:

That applies to 2.37a and earlier. There will be a much more efficient way of doing it in 2.40.


Thanks, but how do i use the Stretch To command? Do i choose the bicep bone or the forearm bone? and to what subtarget bone?

The target “Object” is the Armature (bones are not objects). The subtarget is the bone that will do the deforming, usually a bone added specifically for that task. There’s a .blend in the first link I gave you.


thanks! the .blend doesn’t work anymore…so i choose the upper arm bone, then armature, and subtarget the same upper arm bone? i’m a little confused…:slight_smile:

Here you go:


also you can try using driven shapes keys, as explained in the orange thread. i just tried them, and it works like a charm. naturally the first thing i made was a bicep.