(hug0) #1

Inside, outside.



(Ivaylo Gogov [ivaydesign]) #2

Great works!

(jeremyknoll) #3

Really like your texture on the statue, good job.

(Mir) #4

I like the sense of scale on the 2nd render. And the first is really unique and interesting too. Very cool!

(gr8!) #5

Great stuff! Loving the mood and all. Bravo!

(hug0) #6

Thanks guys!! :smiley:

One more.

(Lambertini) #7

Gostei da iluminação, texturas, ficou show de bola, parabéns !!

(lhumungus) #8

Dig the weird sculpture. The render of the building/structure is awesome, like some kafka-esque nightmare; well done.

(hug0) #9

Obrigado Lambertini. :smiley:
Thanks lhumungus. You are the second one who told something about kafka…rsrsrs

(jonlemur) #10

Wow, I really like the exterior picture. It’s a piece of art!

(hug0) #11

Thanks, jonlemur!