mushroom crab: update august 7 :)

ok im making this big guy from a drawing i did, this is still pretty early in its developement but you can get an idea of what im going for.

soo tell me what you think

thanks :slight_smile:

What is it? lol
Well, I can see eyes, legs and arms and with the right texture, it would look good
can you also post your drawing so we can have a look at your reference?

sure i just need to scan it first:) here it is with some textures

the brown is too brown i think so i will make it a lighter shade later

heres the picture im modeling him after

earth is no longer suitable for most times of life due to the over pollution of humans although new speices rise, while others fall.

the mushroom crab thrives in the ruins of the human world

heres what i have so far, i have alot to do with the back ground but you get the idea :slight_smile:

comments would be greatly appriciated!!!

ok its been a while since i updated this but i have some more to show, i think its a bit better now, any crits and comments would be greatly appriciated

thanks guys

p.s. how can i make that dirt look better?

Great concept!!

One thing that I noticed about your hand drawing that is not on the model is where the crab claw/tentacle goes into the mushroom head. Seems like there is a lot of noise going on there in your drawing but not on the model. I was thinking maybe it was hair in your drawing which would make a really cool addition to this thing.

Great work though. I am no expert on dirt so I am not the best to help out on that. Perhaps add rocks and rubble to the area to take away from the uniformity.

thanks for the comment :slight_smile: i decided to go against the fur stuff coming out becuase this guy looks more slimy than furry now so it just wouldnt fit, here is what i have to show this time around

took 1 hour and 20 min to render

comments please!

hey, glad to see you’re still around here (i definately haven’t been). another thing about your drawing that made the fungus crab look stylish was that the legs got smaller as they conected to the cap. i like that style of things: big fists and thin arms, large boots and thinner legs, and even large weapons wielded by a small body. -obviously the last one doesnt apply :wink:

basicly, your drawing had more form contrast. while your model has elephant legs. also, have you considered more that two legs? even three could be pretty cool if they extend out from under the cap and then down like a real crab.

just some thoughts…

good luck

That last update is a nice improvement!

The bridge looks very big now.

One thought, the water looks very murky and muddy, maybe if some of the brown scank was coating the bottom of his legs it would integrate him better with the water. Also try taking some of the reflection and spec off the water, maybe push it to lower Fresnel…

Making good progress…


thanks for the comments guys :slight_smile:
its hard to make him look more stylized though becuase i want him to look like he could be a REAL animal and ive been thinking through this and considering he is about the size of a large truck i think hes going to be more of a lumbering animal, his claw is more used for feeding than defence (though when attacked he can use it for this) but his main defence is his size,
i turned down the fresnal on the water and now it looks more murky :slight_smile:
i dont know how to model gross stuff floating on the water though so any suggestions would be greatly appriciated!

and its nice to see you back again dmancross! what ever happend to your grim reaper model?

looks great! you could also add some displacement mapping to the water, with a little bit more disruptance the closer you get to where the mushroom-crab creature is standing. i think it will give it a slightly more “live” feel to the scene.

well guys thanks for the comments i decided to finish him up though and rendered him at 1024 by 768 to use as a desktop back ground, there are a few changes and you can check it out here