Mushroom Foolery

Hey there, Was playing with materials last night for a few hours, came up with this.
there is a little fog to hide the more than substandard ground mesh i put together.


Reminds me of Zangramarsh from World of Warcraft

I am curious as to how you set these materials up? Is there a chance you coudl show us how to get a similar effect?

A ton of fiddling about.
I ended up using two textures,
Stucci: noise size .130-.170; turb 6
Marble: size .25; depth 6; turb 8.10
mapped marble to color, normal displacement was around 10, translucency.
stucci mapped to translucency.
overall material was set to .22 translucency.
Used SSS, ray mirror and ray transparency
sss: Color 0, tex .412, front 0, back 7 scale .090 IOR 1.180
Ray Trans: IOR 1.19, fresnel 1.61, depth 3
Ray Mirror: .026, fresnel 1.47, depth 3

more or less…
I started off fiddling with the SSS settings till i found i nice internal glowy effect when i had various lamps stuck inside the cap of the mushroom. Ray mirror and transp add an interesting depth…

Here is with the ray tans and mir off.


Swung the camera around a bit… /:slight_smile:


I really like the last shot.
The angle view is really nice and make a nice representation of your model.
But (there’s always a but hehe) the small ground half hidden is not good. You could simply remove it or extend it.
Your mats sets are nice, did you play with nodes?

Thanks :slight_smile: that is a cool angle. very right about the ground, it is sort of a temporary construct. I am working on some sort of dark forested background, which should include a nice plot of land for the mushrooms. … poly counts are starting to chew up my pc though… :slight_smile: i have no idea how to count polygons… but lets just leave it at, there are a a shit ton for each mushroom.
Material done with no nodes, i am a relative blender noob, this is basically just SSS, a pair of textures and some lights.

Because of simonced’s post i went looking for node tutorials. :slight_smile:
this is my first presentable render.


halo included… I think i am going to scrap the model.
start a new, I need two materials at least for the big mushroom, and materials more appropriate to scale for the smaller ones…
might as well just make up fresh models… apply some of the new tutorials to the concept.


Really amazing job, nodes are fun aren’t they?
I love the halos.

I am having trouble blending materials, i have a node built stalk texture/color and cap texture/color… the trouble im having is blending the two at the interface on the bottom of the cap. i have tried vertex painting but am having trouble making it work, anyone know any good materials blending tutorials?

Here is an example of what im trying to blend together, two seperate materials defined by vertex and textured by nodes.


Here is a really easy setup.
I simply painting in black on suzane and then use the geometry node as a factor to mix the 2 basic mats.
hope that helps.


and I love you…

That is beatiful! I love the effect. You don’t have the blend files or a image of the node setup?


Ack i don’t i have just been playing with this model as i learn new things, i save pretty often and just overwrite. I can give you screens of various windows involved in this version if you want… probably in the morning.

above the shroom for showing the translucence tendencies of the cap. IM not sure what the blue speckles going on on the leftish side of the cap is… ill work on that.
It is late, ill post node screens in the morning.


Your pics are really nice and the materials too.
What about the render times?

well a got my poly counts down to around 1k for the small shrooms and the big one is 7k.
before tht my render times were getting bad…
Now it is taking perhaps 7-9 minutes to render at 1024x512
1920x is quite a bit more lengthy…

Node screens:
Cap texture, Stalk texture, Cap/Stalk Mat blending, and ground texture.

I converted all textures to nodes, cause it works so nicely :slight_smile:
I am exploring the notion of halos and nodes.