Mushroom Scene

A Cartoony Scene I did. Post in Photoshop


The mood is beautiful and the DOF as well. I love the particle emitters as well. The only thing I would critique is the material on the mushrooms, they look like a simple diffuse white which doesn’t do it justice. Other than that it’s top row.

Yeah you are right. I found it quite difficult coming up with a node setup for it. Do you have any suggestions? I actually wanted a slimey looking material.

Thank you! :slight_smile: Yeah I know. I actually wanted to make a slimey looking material but failed miserably. :smiley: Do you have a suggestion for a good node setup?

Fix the mushroom material and the ground, and this will be good!

Thanks! I think I will work on it a little more, maybe I should have posted it in the WIP section? :smiley:

Very cool, dumptherain! It has a calming, magical feeling to it. I love the lights under the caps and the particles in the air.

I don’t have a lot of experience with slimy mushroom materials directly, but maybe a combination of diffuse and SSS, or diffuse and translucent? I saw a new tutorial on Blender Guru that might help you, specifically the porcelain section:

I really love the atmosphere and that grassy kind of thing in your scene! However, the transition between mushroom and ground could be a bit more organic, right now it stops quite abruptly. Also, the ground itself could have some more details to match de degree of detail in the whole scene. Keep it up =)

I like this scene, surely an alien one. Nice DOF and beautiful grass.