hello, my current project is a potted mushroom. as you can see my materials, especially the dirt are pretty bad and i would like any advice to make it look better. im inexperianced with materials and textures.


'shrooms huh? So… what are you growing those for? :wink:
Welcome to Elysiun!
Looks like a good beginner project for learning all this 3d stuff.
Unfortunately, I’m not going to be able to really help with materials or texturing. I’ve been strictly doing modelling and have not gone into those areas yet. Hopefully some of the guru’s around here can point you toward some helpful info…
Here is a general link for texturing. I have read through it, though it does not have specifics for materials or textures in Blender, it does have great ideas for how to approach texturing in this 3D world. It’s a worthwhile read.
Well, good luck with this and happy Blending!