Hi guys!
I just felt like creating a mushroom in blender…you can see the result below. Any criticism will be appreciated.

Some data:

-samples: 1000
-render time: ~2h
-work time: ~3h
-verts: 1.127.767

Ps. the previews look rougher than the actual images.

BA’s thumbnail re-sizing algorithm applies a sharp catmul-rom-ish feel to images.

I love the attention to detail, and resolution of textures/overall image.

Curious, what are the boxes in the un-textured version?

Someone correct me if I’m wrong but I think the “boxes” are planes with flower textures. I think.

It’s the pinkish flower. I didn’t model the plant so it’s basically several plane textures :slight_smile:

That is lovely modeling! Also I love the background that you chose, because even in a macro-shot it gives the image a sense of scale, openness, and depth.

I agree, the image is awesome detailed! My only suggestion for improvement is the shadow under the mushroom´s head, it could be a little bit lighter.

Very nice! I like it!

Greatly appreciate your feedback :smiley:

I guess ambient occlusions will fix that :slight_smile: