Mushy crystals

So the other day I wanted to try Octane out, and since it’s supposed to be really good with reflections and refractions I just had to do some mushroom crystals ^^

Thou after trying Octane out I can say that I probably won’t use it again for my usual projects. Sure the refractions was nice, and the fact that I could push way more samples than what I usually do in Cycles is also nice, but it’s quite a bit more cumbersome to work with imo. Wasn’t quite as logic to set up shaders, didn’t have any realtime feedback as I get with Eevee, couldn’t get the inbuilt denoising to work, and also it did have a bit of it’s own life:
I worked with this scene for quite a while and later I closed Blender and made a command line render during the night and the render I got was not like I got during the before day. Somehow it put some octane environment shader into my world shader even thou in the beginning I had tried and failed to put a HDRI in there so I instead left it empty, and also my fog shader had thickened up A LOT compared to when I closed Blender, so I had to lower it again. I have no idea why it did both those thing, very strange behaviour that makes me not really trust Octane.

But anyways, quite happy with this relatively fast project, refractions are fun! ^^