music, animation and timing

hey for my film class i have to put some kind of animation to music, you know with like stuff happening on the beats and stuff flying around when the guitar come in stuff like that. anyway what would be the best way to do this with blender is it even possible. oh i also got after effects, final cut pro and all kinds of other stuff like that. so any help would be great

go into the video sequence editor, press shift A, load a 16 bit mono wav file ( you can add more tracks later on whatever channel ) then, go into audio buttons and press ‘scrub’. then, put your cursor back into the video sequencer and press alt A to play the wav, then esc to stop it. ( the reason we played it now, is because you have to play it first to activate scrub for some reason. ) anyway, now, when you press the arrow keys to cycle through your frames, you will hear little bits of you wav file playing a frame at a time, as you advance. using this function, you can sync up your video, or scene, and audio exactly how you want them. then, you have to export the audio as a seperate file from the video, because blender won’t combine them. they will however match up perfectly when you combine them in an app like virtualdub. anyway, to export, press the ‘mixdown’ button in the audio buttons, and the wav file will appear in your default render directory.

hey thanks for the help i imported my wav but it only play ten seconds of the clip

do you mean the sound is running out, or your amination is looping back on itself before the sound is finished playing? if A, increase the size of the audio buffer in settings panel. if B, increase the number of anim frames in render buttons. if other, please specify.