Music Composer Video Promo

(smiler) #1

Hi guys. I just finished work on a Video promo / Intro.
Basically the idea was to create a few mysterious shots and reveal a logo at the end.
I really like metal work so I decided to use that as a starting point for vdieo.

However everything started from a logo design. I was trying to use my initials but I end up with “S”. My name is Patryk Scelina so I decided to use only a letter from my surname.

Anyway. I would like to share with you some images from Blender and some logo designs.

Everything what you see in the video was made with Blender. I used After Effects only for some postproduction, mostly in the last shot. Everything else is pure blender (particles too) + some grading in AAE.
I’m not very advanced Blender user and I did some things in my own way. Like the very first shot where you see hot metal. I used animated texture to create displacement because I was unable to get good results with Blender’s noise since it hasn’t any evolution parameter which I could animate. Or I don’t know it has it. :slight_smile:

I’ll be glad to see some comments and I hope you like it :slight_smile:


And here are stills from production:

And some screenshots of Blender:


(Photox) #2

Sick! And you composed it too? Makes me sad really. I’m putting together a demo reel and I want a short score similar to that. Do you sell any of your music? Regardless, well done.

(smiler) #3

Thank you. You’re very kind.
Actually I sell some tracks directly through AudioJungle.
here is the link.

But if you need something similar I will gladly help you with that. If you don’t need exclusive right to use I can always create something and put in on audiojungle anyway.

(Photox) #4

Very cool. I was on audiojungle for about an hour before reading this (Still have the british audio jungle voice in my head) And yours are definitely top shelf, with a beautiful full sound. I think I may buy ‘unlimited courage.’ Inspiring work.

(smiler) #5

Thanks :slight_smile:

Here are some aditional HD stills.

(James Candy) #6

Your shots look really good, Patryk! I would have assumed you focused on visuals full time, so it’s especially impressive to hear that you’re actually a composer first. The opening shot and the CU of the hammer were two of my favorites; really great lighting throughout!

I’m always having to find royalty free music for my videos on Classy Dog Films, so I’ll be sure to check out your track listing!

(Karim Eich) #7

Hey there, great work! High quality shots there. The only thing i would like to change is the shot that starts at 0:26. It the texture looks really blurred and somehow stretched.


(Kemmler) #8

Very awesome, seems to achieve the intended effect well, and looks professional.

Only criticism: the sparks go straight from red-hot to nothing, they just shut off.

IRL the sparks would fade through the blackbody spectrum, from white, yellow, orange, red, and then finally fading to black. So you should be animating the spark color over time.

I think Andrew price did a tut on this once, actually… not sure.

But yeah, the color on the sparks needs to change to be more realistic. But it doesn’t spoil the overall effect, it’s a good vid, and it will certainly help sell some tracks!

(sircactuscat) #9

Yep as above, that texture at 00.29 does look stretched. HOWEVER
this video is absolutely incredible. Pacing, composition, colouring are just awesome. Really good dude!!
Hope to see a 2k version soon :wink:
p.s i think my favourite shot is the one at 00:35, good use of slo-mo and defocus combined!

(smiler) #10

Thank you guys very much. I’ve been working on this some time after hours.
Iknow what you mean with that texture. I was hoping that DOF will eventually hide some imperfections and I hope it is mostly visible for 3D professionals. :confused:

Oh and @Kemmler:

You are absolutely right about these particles. These shots was the first I made and after I did some preview editing I realised that every shot is way too fast. So I decided to use lazy way unfortunately and I used timeremaping feature in blender. But after almost one day rendering I just saw that “particle info node” didn’t work. After some testing I found out that “particle info node” doesn’t work with time remapping. I needed to end this project so I didn’t want to create those shots from scratch with real slow motion particles and rerendering it.

@James Candy:

You are not very far from the truth. I do actually visuals for living (mostly After Effects works). It’s not easy to earn enough from music to survive but I’m trying to get there. :slight_smile:

If you guys like my music I’ll be very happy if you subscribe my YouTube channel. I try to put there all my new tracks. And I think you may find interesting my last Album called “Intedimensiona”. It’s available for free to listen on YouTube and it’s also realesed via ITunes, Spotify, Bandcamp etc.

(smiler) #11

@Karim Eich I just saw your behance profile. You have awesome images there. I’m very impressed:)

(Karim Eich) #12

Wow thanks for the kind words! Made my day :slight_smile:
Thanks for sharing your music channel. Really awesome and also great to hear while working.


(smiler) #13

Hi again. I had a request from Blender Cookie member to make some breakdown of the last shot. So I thought I would put it in here as well.

And here is a compositing breakdown:


(James Candy) #14

Thanks for sharing those two breakdowns! I’m sure they’ll be very handy as I prepare for an upcoming video!

(damian majcherek) #15

good work i like it very much
keep on & good luck

(smiler) #16

Thanks mlodas :slight_smile:

(jjjuho) #17

Beautiful work and great colors, love the overall feel of the clip. There are few parts which could have been made a lot better, one was some short of slow mo around obviously beveled edge, it just looked sloppy at least to me.

Great job anyway!

(smiler) #18

Just posted on BlenderNation. So excited :smiley:

(ARK) #19

Just wow, it’s been put together so well. That is brilliant work and the music sounds great also… Definition of talent

(ARK) #20

Guess what I found on blender Nation front page!? Recognized it right away :wink: